4' Cape Henry Wooden


This four foot lighthouse is designed to mimic the original Cape Henry in Fort Story, VA. which was used to navigate the Chesapeake Bay waters. The original lighthouse is made from Aquia and Rappahannock sandstone, whereas this working Amish lighthouse is handcrafted from quality exterior signboard plywood and finished with durable exterior paint. The lightweight construction and high-quality materials recreate a real life lighthouse that looks fitting in a garden, on a porch, patio or as a standalone yard ornament. 

Dimensions: 48”H x 20 1/2” (Outside at Bottom), 15 1/4” (Inside at Bottom)

  • Designed to endure tough weather conditions
  • Price Includes Shipping!
  • Customize your colors, lighting, and more! See below for more details…

Pictured at left in Navy Blue & White. 

This feature automatically switches your light on at dusk and off in the morning. (for 110v lighting only, our solar light already has a built in sensor)
We'll put glass in the Tower and Base windows and illuminate them with a light from the inside!
Our Poly Base is an optional feature. Many customers choose the base simply for the "looks", it can also be a very practical option if you want to make your lighthouse a little taller.
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Submitted by kbroz20 on

My wife and I traveled the entire Myrtle Beach area searching for the perfect Light House for our front yard. After two weeks without any luck, The Lighthouse Authority came to the rescue ! It arrived today, and we absolutely love it. Extremely well constructed and very attractive. Our neighbors have remarked how much they like it, and are considering a lighthouse from Lighthouse Authority for their yard. My wife likes ours so much, she wants one in our back yard. Gonna be a great birthday gift !! Keep up the excellent work Lighthouse Authority. We are very pleased. Sincerely, Janet and Ken

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