3' Barnegat Wooden


"Old Barney" is a decorative lighthouse hand crafted by Amish artisans to resemble the Barnegat Lighthouse in Ocean County, New Jersey. This working lighthouse model works well in a lawn or garden and is designed for years of use.

Dimensions: 36”H x 15 1/2” (Outside at Bottom), 10 1/2” (Inside at Bottom)

  • Made from quality exterior signboard plywood
  • Designed to endure tough weather conditions
  • Finished with a durable Exterior Paint
  • Price Includes Shipping!
  • Customize your colors, lighting, and more! See below for more details…

Pictured at left in 5’ size, painted in the Original Barnegat colors. 

This feature automatically switches your light on at dusk and off in the morning. (for 110v lighting only, our solar light already has a built in sensor)
Our Poly Base is an optional feature. Many customers choose the base simply for the "looks", it can also be a very practical option if you want to make your lighthouse a little taller.
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