Assateague, VA (Hybrid)


Beautify your landscape with our Assateague style lighthouse. This hybrid lighthouse is made from maintenance free poly on the top and bottom while the center tower section is finished with a durable exterior paint. Made to endure the toughest weather conditions. We offer this in 7 different sizes from 2' to 12' tall, you can also customize your colors to get exactly what you want with any of our 18 paint colors. Comes standard with a 25 watt bulb that is ready to plug in, upgraded lighting options are also available. 

Pictured here in the original Assateague Lighthouse colors (Cardinal Red & White)

This feature automatically switches your light on at dusk and off in the morning. (for 110v lighting only, our solar light already has a built in sensor)
Select your colors below if you are ordering a base to go with your lighthouse
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Submitted by billham5 on

   My lighthouse arrived safe and sound and right on time Friday as predicted! I can't begin to tell you how PLEASED I am! It's the perfect size and I had it unpacked and up and running in no time at all. By 7:00pm all ships were "safe in the harbor" here at Walnut Creek thanks to the rotating lamp from my lighthouse!  :)

   Congrats on your superb craftsmanship! Please tell all involved that their work is exemplary!

Thanks best...William!

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Submitted by dlgeisinger on

The lighthouse was delivered in a timely manner in perfect condition. The quality is excellent and it is very beautiful. I got the six foot one with a rotating beacon lamp and sensor and it was plug in ready to any 110 outlet.  I am very pleased with my purchase and I would recommend this lighthouse company to anyone. Thank You!

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Submitted by moadadog on

I was very pleased with my Assateague Lighthouse.  The craftmanship is very good.  I put it in the front yard on a tree stump, nailed it down so nobody would take it, because it is so nice.  If I had room I would order another one.  Job well done!  People drive by  slow looking at it.  

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Submitted by thebetters2010 on

My Assateague lighthouse was delivered via UPS on Tuesday evening (Sept 5) at 7:44pm.  Upon unpacking the box, I noticed how beautifully and secure the lighthouse was packed.  Then, the problems began.

First: The lighthouse was secured to the box (as well as the lighthouse tower screws) with Robertson Square-head screws.  So, I had to go out and purchase the right bit to get the screws off.  A bit inconvenient.  Why didn't they use Phillips head screws?  I don't know many people who have a square head screwdriver in their toolbox.

Next: There were no instructions included in the box.  I did read a few reviews where they mentioned following the instructions.

Lastly, The dusk-to-dawn sensor that I ordered (and paid $15 extra for) is not working.  I even took it out in direct sunlight and the lighthouse light stays on.  It could not have been damaged in transit due to the excellent packing and no wiring was loose.  Was the sensor even tested before shipment?  I don't think so.

So, on Wednesday, 9/6 I e-mailed Lighthouse Authority and also left a voice mail for Josh.  Today is Friday, and I have yet to receive a reply to either.  As I want to be able to use the lighthouse, I went ahead and ordered the same sensor from (which I will receive tomorrow) for half the cost of what Lighthouse Authority charged for it.

Due to the company's failure to communicate, I am only giving one star.  I can't honestly give a good review as there is no service after the sale.  I find it difficult to believe all the stellar reviews on this site and that no one else has had a single issue.  To not get in touch with me clearly shows that they don't want the opportuniity to make this right and satisfy the customer.

I will not be recommending Lighthouse Authority to anyone.

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Submitted by admin on

I bought a 5 foot Assateague, VA lighthouse for my sister's birthday.  I was very happy with the customer care and individual  service I was provided by Josh but when the lighthouse arrived I was overwhelmed with how beautiful it was.  The quality of workmanship, the excellent packaging for shipment and the ease of putting it together upon arrival was excellent.  It was a pleasure to present my sister with such an awesome birthday gift.  (Now I need one for myself!)

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