Cape Hatteras: 4' Size (Hybrid)


This four-foot lighthouse is constructed with polywood on the top and base with a wooden tower in the center. If you’re into lighthouse décor, you’ll love this working model. It’s fashioned after the actual Cape Hatteras lighthouse in North Carolina. Your decorative lighthouse will welcome guests to your home or garden for many years to come. 

Dimensions: 48”H x 20 1/2” (Outside at Bottom), 15 1/4” (Inside at Bottom)

  • Made from quality Exterior Signboard Plywood
  • Designed to endure tough weather conditions
  • Finished with a durable Exterior Paint
  • Price Includes Shipping!
  • Customize your colors, lighting, and more! See below for more details…

Pictured at left with optional Red & Ivory Base. 

This feature automatically switches your light on at dusk and off in the morning. (for 110v lighting only, our solar light already has a built in sensor)
We'll put glass in the Tower and Base windows and illuminate them with a light from the inside!
Our Poly Base is an optional feature. Many customers choose the base simply for the "looks", it can also be a very practical option if you want to make your lighthouse a little taller.
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Submitted by kathleen.rigert on

Received my Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and was quite impressed. It was well made and arrived intact. My husband and I hesitated to put it out on our front lawn for fear someone would take it but we have it proudly displayed. I would highly recommend Lighthouse Authority.  Living in NC helped me to decide what style I wanted. Thinking of possibly ordering the Montauk NY style next to represent where I resided most of my life and once I relocate to Florida I just might add a lighthouse from Florida to my collection as wellsmiley.

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Submitted by sjrizcv15 on

Received the lighthouse yesterday and were quite impressed with the quality. We look forward to many years of enjoyment.

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Submitted by 2schoolcrafts on

We just received our new lighthouse and could not be happier. The lighthouse displays excellent workmanship and attention to detail. The lighthouse arrived in excellent condition. I would definitely recommend the Lighthouse Authority to my friends and associates.

Jim Schoolcraft

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Submitted by dancat67 on

We received our 4' Cape Hatteras lighthouse today.  Shipping was fast and everything was perfect. My husband put it together easily.  We now proudly have it displayed in our front yard for everyone to see how gorgeous it is. Thank you for the excellent workmanship and great condition we received it in. We plan to enjoy it for years to come.

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