• Cape Henry Lighthouse statue
    For Product: 4' Cape Henry Poly   4 years 9 months ago

    I ordered the 4' poly Cape Henry lighthouse.  I have to say that not only do I love the workmanship and beauty of this lighthouse, but all of my contacts and dealings with the company have been easy and professional.  I received it exactly when promised.  I would recommend these lighthouses to everyone. They are well worth the money.  Thank you for a beautiful product and for your professionalism and honesty.  

  • Yard Lighthouse
    For Product: Cape Hatteras: 12' Size (Hybrid)   4 years 9 months ago

    We recently received our Cape Hatteras 12’ Lighthouse and WOW were we PLEASED with it!!!! The quality of workmanship is outstanding and this beautiful work of art now adorns the front of our business!!! I could not be more pleased with Josh and his work ethic. Along the way of our lighthouse being built, he made some suggestions on lighting, which resulted in our saving a bit of money. I received the refund check promptly. Josh answered all my questions quickly and professionally. I have been looking for a lighthouse for the front of our property for quite some time, and I couldn’t be more pleased that I chose The Lighthouse Authority. I would not hesitate to HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company!!! ~ Deborah

  • Yard Lighthouse
    For Product: Cape Hatteras: 3' Size (Hybrid)   4 years 10 months ago

    I ordered my Cape Hatteras 3' just after Christmas for my wife's birthday on Jan 16.  I was sweating out the arrival date when Fedex sent a message indicating storms in Northeast delaying shipment.  It arrived the afternoon of her birthday the timing was perfect.  I bet that was the first time a Fedex delivery person ever received a hug.  It arrived in great shape and we unpacked it at the birthday party. We got the solar power kit. This allows us the flexibility to move it to different locations. She just loved it.  It inspired us to plan a visit to the acutual Lighthouse in North Carolina.   Thanks for your wide selection of light houses.  I suggest you add Tybee Island in South Carolina. Great quality product.  Keep adding more Lghthouses.

  • barnegat lighthouse
    For Product: 5' Barnegat Poly   4 years 11 months ago

    I bought my wife this lighthouse as a Christmas present this year.  We had a plywood lighthouse that was about ten years old and it finally wore out and fell apart.  We anticipate this lighthouse will last many more years.  My wife absolutely loves this one and she almost does not want to put it outside!  She grew up on the Jersey Shore and this brings her a little closer to home.  Thanks

  • Standard Lighthouse statue
    For Product: 4' Standard Poly   4 years 11 months ago

    We have a wonderful fuctioning lighthouse that covers our well pipe. Thank you for getting our order out so quickly. We recommend these lighthouses to everyone! Thank you Josh for answering all our questions to get the perfect size we needed! God bless your services! Victor & Gwyn

  • Yard Lighthouse
    For Product: Cape Hatteras: 3' Size (Hybrid)   5 years 4 days ago

    We bought our mom the 3' Cape Hatteras lighthouse for Christmas. I ordered it on 11-26-2014. We received it on 12-4-2014. I had a couple of questions wich were answered quickly . We already gave mom her lighthouse which made her jump up and down from excitement and tears in her eyes. The quality and workmanship is beyond beautiful. Very very pleased with this product!! Thank you 

  • west quoddy lighthouse
    For Product: West Quoddy, ME (Hybrid)   5 years 1 month ago

    "Inquired to Josh before purchasing our two, 2 ft. lighthouses with base…one West Quoddy & one Assateaque version. Was told the base is 13 inches, so was prepared to make a small router adjustment…modifying the base to about 12 inches to fit our inside application. The better-half is very happy with our slightly adjusted lighthouses…that now sit at opposite ends of a long support ledge in our home’s nautical theme great room. Lighthouses are of very nice sturdy construction…received in fine shape. This from a guy who a couple years ago built from scratch a 12-foot replica of Montauk Point that now lights the head of our driveway."

  • Standard Lighthouse statue
    For Product: 4' Standard Poly   5 years 2 months ago

    On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best; this lighthouse is at least a 9.  We are really pleased with the material the design and the craftsmanship. Worth every penny.

  • Patriotic Yard Lighthouse
    For Product: 6' Patriotic Lighthouse (Hybrid)   5 years 4 months ago

    I am so happy with my lighthouse!!!  The attention to detail is wonderful.  I got the solar lightining and it works like a charm.  Looks just great in front of my house.  I would recommend your company to anyone.

  • barnegat lighthouse
    For Product: 4' Barnegat Poly   5 years 4 months ago

    Very quick shipping.  Arrived ahead of scheduled date.   Attractive and well made.   Had to wait till nighttime for light since had the dusk to dawn sensor added, but well worth it.  Don't have to forget to turn it on or off.  Great addition to front of the house. 

  • marblehead lighthouse
    For Product: Marblehead (Poly)   5 years 4 months ago

    Our order was shipped as promised and did not dissapoint. Easily assembled and it looks great in the yard.

    Thank you


  • west quoddy lighthouse
    For Product: West Quoddy, ME (Hybrid)   5 years 5 months ago

    LOVE my lighthouse and so do others ... I sent them to your website
    Thank you so much, I put this one on the street side of the house, there is
    another one in my future for the back yard, thanks again,.... Jane

  • Cape Henry Lighthouse statue
    For Product: 3' Cape Henry Poly   5 years 5 months ago

    Received the above in excellent condition.  Workmanship is exquisite and very detailed.  Solar lights working properly.  Thanks for a job well done.

    God Bless!

    Hubert Everett

  • Patriotic Yard Lighthouse
    For Product: 6' Patriotic Lighthouse (Hybrid)   5 years 6 months ago

    This is truly a beautiful lighthouse I wish I would of ordered a bigger one.Excellent workmanship.I would definately buy another.

  • Cape Henry Lighthouse statue
    For Product: 6' Cape Henry Poly   5 years 8 months ago

    Wow received the lighthouse put it together as fast as i could . Very nice job . Put in my living room for now until i get the base done outside. I don't know it looks real good inside . Might have to get another one possibly a wooden for inside. I have a nautical theme going on even built a full size wooden boat dock inside for a TV stand it goes across the whole room . Love the work you did it's well worth it . Very cool ! Thx Pete.

  • Yard Lighthouse
    For Product: Cape Hatteras: 5' Size (Hybrid)   5 years 9 months ago

    I bought the Cape Hatteras 5' model with base and all the lights to surprise my wife; She like to collect lighthouses and we have lots of them around the house (small models). When it arrived, she just loved it. It is really a work of great quality and craftmenship; we are both delighted! We were originally going to put is on the front lawn, but then decided to put it on the deck were we could see is from the living room. She immediately put a picture on her Facebook page and got dozens of "likes". We highly recommend this Quality product...

    Don & Freda   Martinez, CA

  • Yard Lighthouse
    For Product: Cape Hatteras: 3' Size (Hybrid)   5 years 10 months ago

    I ordered this lighthouse for a co-worker who lost her father recently and he served many years in the coast guard.  He collected lighthouses and his favorite was Cape Hatteras.  I really didn't know what to expect, but read reviews and decided to go ahead and order this lighthouse.

     It was shipped very quickly and when I opened it I was floored!  Pictures do not do these lighthouses justice.  It is SPECTACULAR!!!   I would recommend these to anyone who truly want a piece of art to enhance their garden or home.  I'm thinking of getting one for myself.

     The solar light kit has to be assembled when it arrives.  It doesn't look to be complicated, but I am not the one to be doing it.  I am very satisfied with my purchase.  Cant wait to see my co-workers face when she opens it.

  • assateague lighthouse
    For Product: Assateague, VA (Hybrid)   5 years 11 months ago

    The lighthouse was delivered in a timely manner in perfect condition. The quality is excellent and it is very beautiful. I got the six foot one with a rotating beacon lamp and sensor and it was plug in ready to any 110 outlet.  I am very pleased with my purchase and I would recommend this lighthouse company to anyone. Thank You!

  • Cape Henry Lighthouse statue
    For Product: 5' Cape Henry Poly   6 years 1 week ago

    Just received my 5' cape henry Lighthouse. Great workmanship, Works great. Will love it. Will look good around pool area. Adds great landscaping. I give it a five star rating. Thank You for a great product!

  • Yard Lighthouse
    For Product: Cape Hatteras: 5' Size (Hybrid)   6 years 5 months ago

    I wanted to let you know how very much pleased with our new Cape Hatteras 5' lighthouse! We marvel every time we look outside and see it in our flower garden. It also reminds us that Jesus will always be our Lighthouse and that we never have to worry about losing our way home! Thank you again for creating such a work of art that we can appreciate on a daily basis and be inspired.

  • montauk lighthouse
    For Product: Montauk, NY (Hybrid)   6 years 5 months ago

    I am so truly impressed with my new lighthouse. When I took it out of the box, I was so impressed by the workmanship and art that was put into making my lighthouse! It is truly a beautiful piece of work, I am so impressed by it. The only thing I would recommend to you all is this.....Whatever size you think you want, get the next size bigger. I thought the 4 foot would be perfect, but now wish I went bigger!!!! I could have gone for the 5 footer and wished I had a spot for the 12 footer, this is how beautiful it really is!

    Don't hesitate with this company.....Josh was amazing! His turnaround time and shipping are second to none! Get your lighthouse and start enjoying it today! I got the solar powered rotating LED lights (the light does not rotate, but the led lights actually light in sequence to give the appearance of rotation....very nice! Outstanding in every way! Steve T. Hampton Bays, NY.

  • barnegat lighthouse
    For Product: 4' Barnegat Poly   6 years 6 months ago

       Thank you for your concern with my lighthouse, I absolutely love it. Constructed well and the poly is much more durable than wood. Will recommend you to all my friends!! Thanks for also sending the dusk to dawn sensor to make me feel like you really care about the customers!! It means a lot to know there are still people in the world who stand behind their product!! John Greenfield

  • Yard Lighthouse
    For Product: Cape Hatteras: 12' Size (Hybrid)   6 years 6 months ago

       I wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are very happy with our fully lighted 12’ Cape Hatteras (plus the 2’ base) lighthouse from The Lighthouse Authority; it’s looks great on our shoreline and our guests have been very complimentary.  I appreciated your responsiveness from my initial inquiry thru to the final shipment!  You were helpful to explain the benefits of the various materials and designs as we evaluated the multitude of choices that are available.

        We are looking forward to many years of enjoyment from our lighthouse, thanks again for all of your assistance. ~ Chip

  • Standard Wooden Lighthouse
    For Product: 3' Standard Wooden   6 years 7 months ago

    I already had a 4 foot wooden lighthouse and loved is so much, I ordered one for my daughter and son-in-law.  It came.  It lights just as ours does very reliably and with little sunlight, and it's very distinctive.  I hope they love it as much as we do ours.  We watch it light at night, keeping cheerful watch over our garden. ~ Margaret

  • 2' Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Statue
    For Product: Cape Hatteras: 2' Size (Hybrid)   6 years 8 months ago

    Josh, We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with you and The Lighthouse Authority to provide beautiful lighthouses for a very special event for our family. We needed 12 lighthouses and bases, all in their authentic colors and designs. You were able to create true replicas for us and each and every lighthouse is simply beautiful. Not only that, you went above and beyond to create for us battery powered rather than electrical powered lighthouses. The workmanship of each lighthouse is of the highest quality. Beyond your extraordinary craftsmanship, it has been a pleasure working with you at every step of the way. You have been extremely helpful, prompt in providing information and answers to our many questions, and very accommodating. We could not have asked for better quality lighthouses or a better experience working with you and The Lighthouse Authority. 

    Thank you very much. ~ Lori-Beth & Matthew Hua